coco and peach pouches

about me

Hello! My name is Jessica and I am the designer/founder of coco + peach jewelry, your one stop online jewelry boutique for chic people everywhere. My mission is pretty simple: to design affordable, timeless luxuries that won't break the bank.

I launched my boutique in 2019 but have been designing jewelry for over the past decade. You could say jewelry is in my genes. As immigrants from Ecuador and Colombia, my family believed that to have your own business was the ultimate achievement and I practically grew up in my parents’ Chicago jewelry store, running their errands at the famed Jeweler's Row and spending a lifetime surrounded by people dedicated to the art of jewelry making.

But...I didn’t pursue jewelry as my career. After graduating with my doctorate in psychology and opening my own private practice, I started dipping my toes in the family business and began designing pieces for myself. Whenever I wore my jewelry, strangers would stop me and ask about them. And that got me thinking...

I launched coco + peach jewelry in May 2019, named after my daughters' nicknames, and later added a line for younger girls, Girl, and c+p men in 2020. In 2019, I became a proud partner with the Greater Chicago Food Depository and donate $1 of every sale to this organization, making coco + peach= chic + philanthropic. 

Since designing my first earring (I still wear the prototype of the Carolina), I have been dedicated to creating pieces that I would wear from the office to a night out. If I won't wear it, you won't see it in the boutique. Creating modern treasures under $100 is my number one goal and I hope you love your c+p jewelry as much as I do.