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Hello! My name is Jessica and I am the designer and founder of coco + peach jewelry, your one stop online jewelry boutique for chic women + men + cool girls everywhere. I launched my boutique in 2019 but have been designing jewelry for over the past decade.

You could say jewelry is in my genes since almost everyone in my family and huge extended family (no joke, I have a million cousins) currently own or have owned a jewelry business in the Chicagoland area. To own your own business meant a lot to my family who pushed me to work and to always be my own boss. This was probably due in part to their own experiences- they immigrated from Ecuador and Colombia and had to start from scratch when they came to the U.S., relying only on themselves and the Latino community in Chicago to help them.

I grew up surrounded by my glamorous mother and aunts, who draped themselves in diamond rings, ruby bracelets and gold necklaces even to go to the grocery store (they still do!). As a child, I had jewelry boxes full of gold rings, diamond earrings and raw Colombian emeralds given to me by my generous family. In my junior high and high school years, I helped my parents at their business, Jessica Jewelry, in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. I loved taking the el train downtown by myself to the famed Jeweler's Row in the Loop to run errands for them and met so many people involved in every aspect of jewelry making. 

Being around this artistic community filled with people who were so passionate about their craft was inspirational but the jewelry business was something I pushed aside as I pursued my doctorate in psychology. After opening my private practice in 2010, I began designing pieces for myself through my parents' connections. I found the process to be cathartic and so different than what I did in my day to day work. When I wore my jewelry, I would often be stopped by strangers who asked where I purchased my earrings or necklaces but I didn't think a lot about this at the time. I was busy establishing my psychology practice, becoming a mother and investing time in my other hobbies.

Fast forward to Christmas and NYE of 2017 and my family just returned from a beautiful trip to visit relatives in London and Amsterdam. I got home and had a dream of what to do next and when I woke up, I turned to my husband and told him about starting coco + peach jewelry and offering affordable luxuries to people all over the United States but without the high sticker tag that comes with it. Being the supportive guy he is, he thought this was an amazing idea. After a year of research, finding the right manufacturer and designing a small collection, I finally launched coco + peach jewelry in May 2019, naming the business after my own daughters' nicknames. They begged me for something for themselves so I launched girl by coco + peach in October 2019. Then my husband and his friends asked about pieces for themselves so I launched c+p men in February 2020.

One of my favorite hobbies is running (spoiler alert, I'm slow) and I ran for the Greater Chicago Food Depository in the 2017 and 2018 Chicago Marathons. In November 2019, I partnered with them and pledged to donate $1 of every sale to the GCFD. With that donation, 3 meals will be fed to Chicagoans in need. 

Since designing my first earring (the Carolina and I still wear the original prototype) until today, I am dedicated to making jewelry that I myself would wear from my office to evenings out with my husband and friends. If I won't wear it, you won't see it in the boutique. Creating versatile, lightweight and affordable jewelry is my number one goal and I hope you love your modern treasures as much as I do. 




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